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Meet Our Staff

Updated: Feb 27

While the heartbeat of Huron Shores Hospice is undoubtedly fueled by the generosity of countless volunteers and sponsors, we want to take a moment to introduce you to the dedicated faces that drive our day-to-day operations.

Executive Director: Cathy Herbert


I am honoured to have served as Huron Shores Hospice's Executive Director since 2021, continuing to drive the organization’s vision and strategic plan. Our passionate and driven Board of Directors laid the groundwork to ensure that our community has access to quality end-of-life care, close to home, focusing on providing comfort and quality of life to individuals as they reach the end of their journey.

Working closely with our skilled and compassionate hospice team, I have strived to enhance and build upon the incredible momentum that Huron Shores Hospice has gained since opening its doors in 2018.


My undergraduate degree in Gerontology aligns seamlessly with my commitment to supporting, understanding, and caring for individuals in their later years. Throughout my career, I have dedicated myself to promoting self-worth, autonomy, and dignity in later life.


Personal experiences, particularly being present during my father's final moments, have underscored the importance and lasting impact of those critical days and hours on family. This personal and professional journey fuels my compassionate approach in supporting residents, families, and volunteers alike.


What drew me to Huron Shores Hospice is its emphasis on making moments matter, and I am dedicated to ensuring our hospice is a homelike setting where residents can live fully and comfortably, focusing on what is important to them.

Volunteer Program Coordinator: Barbara Weber


With a diverse academic background including studies in Thanatology at King's at Western University, Fine Arts at Fanshawe College, and mixed media at OCAD, I bring a unique perspective to my role at Huron Shores Hospice.


Holding a Certificate in Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss from The Institute of Birth, Breath, and Death, and having facilitated perinatal loss groups at McGill University, Montreal, my journey into the bereavement, transition, and loss profession was profoundly personal, spurred by my experience as a bereaved parent.


With 20 years of dedicated service in the non-profit sector, specifically with the YMCA's of Quebec as the Coordinator of Children's Programs, I've worked extensively with at-risk kids and the special needs population.


In my current role at Huron Shores Hospice, my goal is to educate the community about the essence of hospice care, emphasizing how we strive to create a caring and compassionate space for end-of-life transitions, making each guest and family as comfortable as possible during this profound journey.

Community Engagement Coordinator: Will LeGrand


I am thrilled to join the incredible team at Huron Shores Hospice as the Community Engagement Coordinator. I honed my passion for social services while receiving my Bachelor's Degree in Youth & Children's Studies, and this commitment to empathy, empowerment, and engagement has guided my entire career.


Having worked closely with youth, I understand the importance of fostering supportive communities. My later experiences in media and entrepreneurship allowed me to develop creative strategies, and my recent foray into digital marketing and economic development equipped me with valuable skills to amplify impactful initiatives.


Now, as the Community Engagement Coordinator at Huron Shores Hospice, I am excited to channel my expertise into event planning, fundraising, donor stewardship, and communications. It is a privilege to contribute to such a vital cause, working to raise awareness for our residential services and community programs.


My goal is to build bridges with our community, ensuring that the compassionate care provided by Huron Shores Hospice reaches those who need it most. Together, we can create a world where end-of-life receives the same beauty, care, and respect as the beginning, making every moment matter.

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