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Carol Rencheck, Co-Chair.jpeg

Carol Rencheck


“I became involved with Huron Shores Hospice after moving into the area in 2017. I was looking for volunteer opportunities along with ways to meet members of my new community. I began by helping with the fundraising events and from there joined the board in 2018.


Shortly before moving to Bruce County, I had experienced the death of my father in a hospital setting. Although the staff tried to make his death compassionate, it felt very cold and impersonal.


I knew that there had to be a better way for end-of-life care for the person dying as well as the family members. Huron Shores Hospice has created an amazing space for end-of-life care and I am proud to be a member of this organization.”

Alexanne pic.jpg

Alexanne Pizycki


"I first became involved with the Huron Shores Hospice through volunteering and fundraising opportunities, both personally and professionally. I have been part of the Bruce County Community since 2005 and since have made Bruce County my official home.  


I wanted to always do more with the hospice and joining the board to be able to help the community has always been a goal of mine. As most, I have seen my share of death and dying with dignity, compassion and surrounding love should be available to all is my true belief."

Paul Holmes.jpg

Paul Holmes


"I became aware of Community Hospices in 2020 when my Aunt who had been diagnosed with Cancer decided  to decline treatments and go to a Hospice.  I was amazed at the love and care she and our family was given by Hospice staff and volunteers.

My background has involved Leadership and Management of people and resources to deliver Contemporary Police Services and Community Safety Initiatives in rural communities in Huron and Bruce Counties.  I have also participated as a Director on Community Organization’s Services Board of Directors in the past. 

I am pleased and honoured to participate as a volunteer with the Huron Shores Hospice."

Margaret McBeath, Secretary.PNG

Margaret McBeath


“I first came to know about the hospice through fundraising events and colleagues who volunteered and was inspired by the team that is working so hard to provide the important service of hospice care to our community.


 I am also a researcher in the field of Public Health and am interested in ways we can offer more human-centered forms of care at all stages of life.


Everyone should have access to high-quality and supportive palliative care in their own communities – and I am proud to serve on a board that makes this happen.”

Cheryl Cottrill, Co-Chair & Founding Member.jpg

Cheryl Cottrill

Founding Director

“My involvement in hospice came from the awkwardness around a number of close family deaths. The experience lacked compassion and dignity.


I knew there had to be a better way and recognized the gaps in community care. My desire to make death and dying easier for others led me to the steering committee, which founded Huron Shores Hospice.


Our community members now have the option to come into our residential hospice and receive 24/7 quality, compassionate and dignified care. They can also use our variety of community programs supporting grief, end-of-planning and hosted Death Cafes.


I am incredibly humbled by the community support and very proud of the team that makes the hospice such a special place for families.”

Liz White.jpg

Liz White


“Having recently retired from a satisfying  career as a registered nurse, I found myself wondering how best to continue to contribute to my community.  Because palliative and end of life care has been an integral and highly rewarding aspect of my career, the opportunity to serve as a board member at Huron Shores Hospice, seemed a truly meaningful fit.  


As a Community nurse, with the VON I was honoured to provide in home end of life care and support to many Bruce County residents and their families.  Our community is now so privileged to be able to choose the professional, compassionate, caring environment of hospice for their loved ones final journey.  


I am grateful to be a part of this organization and the important service that is provided for the residents of Huron Shores. ”

Mariene Morrow, Director.jpg

Marlene Morrow


“Dying with dignity in a comforting setting CLOSE to home and surrounded by loved ones was/is important to me!  When I learned of Huron Shores Hospice a few years ago and their need for Board Members I was excited. 


I am thankful my past experiences in teaching and volunteering have come in handy but the enthusiasm and support in this amazing organization is great!”

Alex Duthie.JPG

Alex Duthie


"I was a Scotsman who emigrated to Canada in 1959. My professional career has been spent in Canada, covering many industries in a few provinces. My first wife and I had four children, three of which have died. I have a son and three grandchildren, and in 2024, I am to become a Great Grandfather. 


My first wife was in palliative care spent her last four weeks at home. It was difficult. My experience with hospice was in Cambridge when one of my friends spent his last few weeks there.


I was so impressed and pleased with the atmosphere and professionalism I saw there, and I am so pleased to be joining the HSH board."

Huron Shores Hospice.png

Pat O'Connor



Tanya Leppington


"The compassionate support I received from Huron Shores Hospice after the passing of my younger brother, Troy, in 2019 was instrumental in my healing journey. Through their Grief Recovery Program, I found the comfort and strength I needed during an incredibly challenging time. This experience inspired me to give back, and in 2020, I became a Comfort Care volunteer.


With a 30-year career in education behind me, I am dedicating my time and energy to supporting the Huron Shores Hospice Board. I am deeply aware of the challenges families face when caring for loved ones at home, and I am committed to ensuring that our facility continues to provide the essential support and care that families in our community need.

It is an honour to contribute to an organization that has made such a significant impact on my life and the lives of many others."

Lisa Forbes - Board Picture.jpg

Lisa Forbes


"With over two decades experience managing both Long Term Care and Retirement homes I have gained a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities surrounding end of life care; witnessing countless individuals navigating their final journey.  

In 2023 when my own mother received a life limiting diagnosis, we were grateful for the opportunity to experience firsthand, the care, compassion and dignity offered by hospice. Our time at Huron Shores Hospice created an environment of peace and comfort leaving an immeasurable impact on our family during an extremely difficult time.

I am truly honoured to work alongside this dedicated team and eager to contribute my skills and knowledge to support this vital service within our local community."

Huron Shores Hospice.png

Carla McLean


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