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Carol Rencheck


“I became involved with Huron Shores Hospice after moving into the area in 2017. I was looking for volunteer opportunities along with ways to meet members of my new community. I began by helping with the fundraising events and from there joined the board in 2018. Shortly before moving to Bruce County, I had experienced the death of my father in a hospital setting. Although the staff tried to make his death compassionate, it felt very cold and impersonal. I knew that there had to be a better way for end-of-life care for the person dying as well as the family members. Huron Shores Hospice has created an amazing space for end-of-life care and I am proud to be a member of this organization.”

Cheryl Cottrill, Co-Chair & Founding Mem

Cheryl Cottrill

Co-Chair & Founding Member

“My involvement in hospice came from the awkwardness around a number of close family deaths. The experience lacked compassion and dignity. I knew there had to be a better way and recognized the gaps in community care. My desire to make death and dying easier for others led me to the steering committee, which founded Huron Shores Hospice. Our community members now have the option to come into our residential hospice and receive 24/7 quality, compassionate and dignified care. They can also use our variety of community programs supporting grief, end-of-planning and hosted Death Cafes. I am incredibly humbled by the community support and very proud of the team that makes the hospice such a special place for families.”


Anne Halbert


“It’s strange how you never think about your end-of-life Journey until you are faced with it.  Such was the case when my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, and suddenly you’re having discussions about Respite Care, Dying at Home vs In-Hospital vs Hospice. All I knew was I wanted to care for him at home as long as I could, and when that was no longer possible, I wanted him to receive the same level of comfort, compassion and dignity as we, his family, was providing.  The decision was an easy one - Hospice was the obvious choice. I take great comfort in knowing that is how his Journey ended and am passionate about ensuring others may share the same experience.  The commitment, dedication and compassion of the Huron Shores Hospice Board Members, Staff and Volunteers is second to none, and an organization I am grateful to be part of.”

Margaret McBeath, Secretary.PNG

Margaret McBeath


“I first came to know about the hospice through fundraising events and colleagues who volunteered and was inspired by the team that is working so hard to provide the important service of hospice care to our community.  I am also a researcher in the field of Public Health and am interested in ways we can offer more human-centered forms of care at all stages of life. Everyone should have access to high-quality and supportive palliative care in their own communities – and I am proud to serve on a board that makes this happen.”

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Lynne Willis


“I was drawn to volunteering with the Huron Shores Hospice – first as a Comfort Care volunteer, now as a board member - after experiencing loss in my own life. My personal experience demonstrated how important a compassionate end-of-life experience truly is. I am thrilled to be a part of the board, and play a small part in ensuring that the home-like setting hospice provides for those at the end of life is available within our community.”

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Marlene Morrow


“Dying with dignity in a comforting setting CLOSE to home and surrounded by loved ones was/is important to me!  When I learned of Huron Shores Hospice a few years ago and their need for Board Members I was excited.  I am thankful my past experiences in teaching and volunteering have come in handy but the enthusiasm and support in this amazing organization is great!”


Heather Kleb


“I have personally experienced the important role that hospices can play at a time when families are at their most vulnerable.  As my father-in-law approached end-of-life, we did our best to honour his wish to remain at home, but there came a time when we realized that he would be better served and more comfortable in hospice care (in this case, St. Joseph’s Hospice in London, ON).  Fortunately, I had learned about the benefits of hospice care through conversations with Huron Shores Hospice Co-Chair, Cheryl Cottrill.  Because of Cheryl, and my involvement in Huron Shores Hospice, we were able to make an informed decision on what would be the best possible care for my father-in-law.”

Beth Blackwell


“I joined the Hospice Board in 2019 as a way to stay involved in my community while on maternity leave and to support an innovative and growing organization.   I was born and raised in Kincardine and chose to return several years ago to raise my family in the place that has always felt like home. My background is in grant writing and non-profit service delivery.”

Jennifer White


“As a regular volunteer for various community initiatives, I was drawn to Huron Shores Hospice because of the dedication and commitment displayed by the board of directors and volunteers. Through friends and family, and in a short time, I was involved with several different experiences of death and dying. It was then that I became aware of the need for dignified, compassionate end of life care. I hadn’t been raised to be comfortable having discussions around death and dying, and didn’t know how to support my loved ones. When I learned about the support provided to families, and the outreach to provide community programs, I knew why Huron Shores Hospice was so special. This was an organization I wanted to be involved with. While I may still be awkward on occasion, I am learning and growing and happy to be helping to change the way we think about death and dying.”

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Kylie Pike


“Working and volunteering in Home Care for over 20 years has opened my eyes to the exponentially growing needs for quality palliative care. Recognizing consistent compassion and seamless coordination of care is essential and yet seeing and hearing about so many gaps in our system I am committed to work diligently with dedicated colleagues and community volunteers to help bring palliative care options to our local communities. Huron Shores Hospice is an incredible opportunity to help individuals live well to the end of life through compassionate, dignified and holistic care and it's an honour to be a part of it.”

Judy Rich, Director.jpg

Judy Rich


“My involvement in hospice came from personal experience where my family would have benefitted from the quality of life and dignity that comes from hospice care.”