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Dr. Damian Gunaratne

Medical Director

“I am incredibly proud to work as the Medical Director of Huron Shores Hospice. I became involved with the steering committee in 2017 shortly after I moved to Kincardine to work as a family physician. I always knew I wanted to incorporate palliative care into my practice so it was serendipitous that the opportunity arose so close to home. Working in palliative care is challenging yet extremely rewarding; I consider it to be a great honour to walk alongside patients and their loved ones as they navigate the dying process. Huron Shores Hospice allows our community members the option to die in a comfortable, homelike setting and I am happy to be part of such a great team.”


Lori Fredericks, RN

Co-Owner, Registered Nurse, and Director of Care at Tiverton Park Manor

It is truly a privilege to host Huron Shores Hospice in our building. Palliative care is a nursing specialty that is one of my passions; the opportunity to provide an end of life that is comfortable and dignified is extremely rewarding. As a born-and-raised Tiverton native, to be given the opportunity to care for our local community members in their final stages is truly an honour. I have completed my Comprehensive Advanced Palliative Care Education (CAPCE.) I am proud to be a member of our excellent Huron Shores Hospice team.


Tara Mainland Tudor, RN

Registered Nurse, Assistant Director of Care of Tiverton Park Manor

"My passion for palliative care lead me to the doorsteps of Huron Shores Hospice and Tiverton Park Manor in 2019 as a volunteer. This quickly escalated into my position with both organizations today.  I have completed my Comprehensive Advanced Palliative Care Education (CAPCE.) I am extremely proud to be a part of the Huron Shores Hospice team. Honouring an individual’s end of life wishes, beliefs, values and goals is incredibly rewarding.  Planning and implementing compassionate care to promote comfort, alleviate pain and support loved ones is very fulfilling.  I consider myself privileged to part of the innovative multidisciplinary team at Huron Shores Hospice."


Cathy Herbert

Executive Director

I was born and grew up in Kincardine and I'm proud to be able to work within and give back to such a generous and caring community years later.  My undergraduate degree in Gerontology lends itself well to supporting, understanding and caring for individuals in their later years. Throughout my career, my passion in this field has focused on promoting self-worth, autonomy, and dignity in later life. My personal experience of being present during my father's death has allowed me to realize the importance and lasting impact of those final days and hours on family. 


My personal and professional experience lends itself to a compassionate approach in my support of residents, families and volunteers alike.  I was drawn to HSH’s emphasis on making moments matter, and strive to ensure our Hospice is a homelike setting where residents can live fully and comfortably, focusing on what is important to them.   I am honoured to support residents in their final days and to work with a driven and compassionate team.


Barbara Weber

Volunteer Program Coordinator

Bringing a distinctive academic background, I've studied Thanatology at King's, Fine Arts at Fanshawe, and mixed media at OCAD. Holding a Certificate in Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss, my personal journey into bereavement was driven by my experience as a bereaved parent. With 20 years in non-profits, particularly with the YMCA in Quebec, I've dedicated myself to at-risk kids and the special needs population.


In my current role at Huron Shores Hospice, my goal is to educate the community about the essence of hospice care, emphasizing how we strive to create a caring and compassionate space for end-of-life transitions, making each guest and family as comfortable as possible during this profound journey.


Will LeGrand

Community Engagement Coordinator

Starting with my Bachelor’s Degree in Youth & Children’s studies, my professional journey has been diverse, spanning roles as a youth worker, photographer, entrepreneur, and, most recently, contributing my skills to digital marketing and economic development. Throughout these varied experiences, I have been guided by my commitment to empathy, empowerment, and genuine engagement.


I feel truly honoured to be a part of the Huron Shores Hospice team, working to raise awareness for our residential services and community programs. My goal is to build bridges with our community, ensuring that the compassionate care provided by Huron Shores Hospice reaches those who need it most.

Cheryl Cottrill, Co-Chair & Founding Mem

Cheryl Cottrill

End of Life Doula

As a comfort care volunteer in the hospice I experienced the death of our residents and was present with their family members. I really wanted to learn more so I could better help people deal with the emotional part of dying and be able to bring meaning and legacy to the lives of our residents. I took the INELDA End-of-Life Doula course to gain more skills. Helping those facing end-of-life prepare legacy projects to keep their family connected to them after they are gone and helping plan what is important to them in their final days is such a privilege and honour.

Maria Riggin, EOL in training.jpg

Maria Riggin

End of Life Doula

As a volunteer for the hospice, I have gone to visit people who will be entering the hospice to create their one page profiles.  Without exception the potential guests and their families have been happy to meet with me and share who and what is important to them.  I am also a trained End of Life Doula and assist dying individuals and their network of family and friends find peace, a level of contentment and to help them continue building positive memories.

Cheryl Rogers, EOL in training .jpg

Cheryl Rogers

End of Life Doula

I have been a Comfort Care Volunteer since 2018.  I have enjoyed working with the residents and their families in Huron Shores Hospice. I am also a trained End of Life Doula and I am honoured to be able to support those facing end-of-life and their families plan what is important to them in their final days.

Liz Dillman - GRMS + Admissions.JPG

Liz Dillman

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist®

I have always been involved with volunteer work in the Kincardine community and when I was offered the opportunity to be involved with the Hospice I was thrilled.  As an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist I am able to walk with people suffering from loss through their grief and find some peace. 


I am so pleased that the Huron Shores Hospice sees grief recovery for the residents of our area as an important part of its work and I am honoured to be able to do this work.  It is a privilege to walk with people on their grief recovery journey.

Sher Brown, Grief Recovery

Sher Brown

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist®

I am an associate with Helen Sanderson Associates, an international training, development and consultancy team that works with people, teams, organizations and communities to adopt person-centred practices.  This work allowed me to cross paths with Huron Shores Hospice and the incredible volunteers who are the part of the heart and soul of the hospice. 


I am honoured to be a Grief Recovery Method Specialist, walking alongside grievers to move beyond the pain of emotional loss.  Our community is so fortunate that Huron Shores Hospice values giving grievers tools to deal with their grief and provides this service in our communities.

Dr. Diane Allingham-Hawkins.JPG

Diane Allingham-Hawkins

Grief Recovery Specialist®

I have been a laboratory geneticist for 30 years, directing diagnostic labs across Canada and the United States. In 2010 and 2011, I experienced two significant losses, which led me to seek bereavement support for myself and my teenage daughter and ultimately to volunteer as a peer bereavement support facilitator with Bereaved Families of Ontario – York Region.


In 2015, I returned to school to begin a degree in Thanatology from King’s University College at Western University, adding a second major to the undergraduate degree I originally earned in 1987. Upon completing my degree in the spring of 2021 and having recently returned to Kincardine where I grew up after 35 years away, I applied to become a Grief Recovery Specialist with Huron Shores Hospice. I’m excited and honoured to work with Huron Shores Hospice providing bereavement support to the communities we serve.

Cheryl Pauchuk.jpg

Cheryl Pauchuk

Grief Recovery Specialist®

For many years, in my private practice, I have been helping individuals and groups mindfully deal with grief and loss. With a sincere passion to help others find peace, understanding and make sense of death, grief and loss, I became involved with Huron Shores Hospice, helping to facilitate Death Cafes.  Stirring my desire to do more in this arena, I am honored to be stepping up to serve as a Grief Recovery Method Specialist and I look forward to helping those in my community in need of support in navigating their journey through grief and loss. 

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