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Strategic Plan

Thanks to a grant by Mitacs through the Mitacs Business Strategy Internship at Queen's University, the Board of Directors was able to complete its first Strategy Plan. The plan was prepared by Mae-Lin DeLange, after consultation with the board and staff.


The purpose of this strategic plan is to provide clarity, direction, and focus to HSH’s activities in what is an uncertain - post-COVID-19 - socio-economic environment. The current Strategic Plan will set the direction for 2021/2022, although this document is intended to be adaptable and responsive enough to be applied over the next few years and will therefore be reviewed on an annual basis. The HSH board of directors had planned to develop a strategic plan at the beginning of 2020. However, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, planning activities were delayed until early 2021.



Program Testimonials

Death Cafe


“The Death Café discussion makes you want to be more prepared for your own death. It is a casual open conversation hearing different perspectives on death and dying. The discussion today will help me with my own conversations with family about this topic.” 

– Participant

End of Life Doula Services


“Going through this process with Cheryl from Huron Shores Hospice brought me peace of mind and really helped to relieve stress, knowing this is all taken care of. I can’t thank Huron Shores Hospice enough for providing this service to those who are dying. She slowly walked me through the necessary tasks and helped create a legacy project to keep me connected to loved ones after I’m gone. Cheryl’s presence in my journey brings me peace. More people should know about this amazing service.” 


– Pamela

Grief Recovery Method


“My experience with this grief recovery method has been enormously helpful.

I would be lost and broken still, had I not attended. I actually gained a wonderful friend through this course. I found great relief knowing whatever my grief looked like or however long I needed to work on completion, that was okay. The course gave me confidence to cry more. Speak more. Heal more.”


– Bren and Joy Ridley

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