Gala Table


Hope for Hospice 2.0

Back by popular demand, after such great feedback from last year’s event, Hope for Hospice, the ungala gala on Thursday, September 16, 2021.


This gala will include access to a charcuterie board from a local restaurant (not included in ticket price,) local entertainment, silent and our live auction by Layne the Auctionista all brought to you virtually from the comfort and safety of your own home!

Layne is a passionate Philanthro-tainment who has always been a huge part of events. She now brings her expertise and energy virtually, and we knew our event would not be the same without her!


Be ready to bid on " AMAZING" Live Auction items to be announced in the weeks before our event.

Hike For Hospice

Hike for Hospice is a unique national fundraising event across Canada that brings together organizations working in hospice palliative care to raise funds and awareness in their community! Each year, thousands of ‘hikers’ will participate in events put on by their local hospice palliative care organizations. All funds raised during the Hike for Hospice stay within the community in which they were raised.


In 2019 our Hike for Hospice raised $47,000. The Hike for Hospice in 2020 had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. In 2021 our Hike for Hospice will be a virtual event, hiking from home, to keep everyone safe.


Each year we organize the Hike for Hospice through the Kincardine Trails beginning at the Davidson Centre. We cheer people on as we hike together through a 5k hike. Our community participants sign up their teams or hike as individuals and collect pledges from their friends and family.

Our 2021 Hike for Hospice will be a virtual event to celebrate and honour our loved ones in a special and meaningful way. All proceeds will stay in our community and will support Huron Shores Hospice.  Click to register on-line below or print off your printable pledge form below and start getting pledges! 




Great Canadian Giving Contest

Hosted by


The Great Canadian Giving Challenge is a national contest hosted annually by CanadaHelps. In the month of June, every $1 donated (minimum $3 donation required) from June 1st through June 30th on or acts as a ballot to enter your charity of choice to win a $10,000 donation. All registered Canadian charities listed on are eligible to win the $10,000 prize drawn on Canada Day, July 1st. 


Every year we call upon our community to step up the challenge! We can work together to donate to the Hospice to increase resident capacity, purchase supplies, or improve our grief recovery counselling services.

Handbags for Hospice

Handbags for Hospice was not held in 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope the day will come soon when we can all be together in person.


Our Handbags for Hospice Fundraiser raised over $180,000 in 2019!


Handbags for Hospice is a global event for hospices all around the world. Huron Shores Hospice hosts a semi-formal evening with wonderful speakers, a live auction of donated luxury handbags and experiences, a silent auction with 100 handbags, all while enjoying delicious appetizers and a drink. 


Community members look forward to this event each year and tickets sell out in a few minutes. We also invite our wonderful donors. We cannot thank them enough for the great contributions they have made and the opportunities they have opened up for us and our residents at the hospice.




Death Cafés

At a Death Cafe, people, often strangers, gather to eat cake, drink tea, and discuss death. 


Huron Shores Hospice hosts Death Cafes as a group directed discussion about death with no agenda, objectives, or themes. It isn’t a counselling session nor is it grief support, Death Cafes are simply an open space for discussion about the ends of our lives and how we want to spend the time we have until then.


We hope to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their lives, for however much time they have left.


It’s important to talk about death and dying. Death is a natural part of life and should be talked about and treated with the same respect and dignity.

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End-of-Life Planning Workshops

These workshops are on hold until we can safely gather in groups again. The workshops will include Advance Care Planning, planning sessions that will help you to think through and plan for your end-of-life and help you put together a Vigil Plan for the last days and hours of life.


In these workshops, we will help individuals plan for their end-of-life. We plan for every other life event, but seldom plan for our end-of-life. Planning now will help you live a happier and more fulfilling life, knowing that your family has been taken care of. We hope for a long and happy life, but prepare for the unexpected.


During End-of-Life Planning, we will talk about who should speak for you if you can no longer speak for yourself, write letters to our loved ones, prepare legacy projects, and think about how to best support the people you leave behind. 


We call on speakers to take our workshop participants through the essential lessons in Advanced Care Planning. We provide direction and address questions families may have in their course of planning vigils, and end-of-life.


Just as certain as the sun rises in the east, children will be born, grow up, laugh, cry, and experience the beautiful story of their lives. But every story eventually comes to an end, and the sun eventually moves across the horizon and sets in the west.


As we dot the Is and cross the Ts of the final chapters of our stories.

Giving Tuesday / End of Year Campaign

Every December, we start a fundraising campaign to close off the year. Starting on Giving Tuesday we call on our wonderful community to donate what they can.


Giving Tuesday is a time for all people to come together and support each other. The holiday season is a time for sharing.


In 2020, our community here in Bruce County raised over $48,000 in just 5 weeks! We are so grateful for the support Huron Shores Hospice receives from our generous community.