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Our Second Suite!

Your investment in Huron Shores Hospice is at work as we move toward opening our second suite. This second suite will allow us to double our capacity and serve more families in our community.

The floor was laid this week. The portable screen arrived which will be used to separate the family room and resident room for more peaceful sleeping at night. The screen can be folded up and stored in the corner when not needed, leaving a large space for family and friends to visit. Next week the UBC Local 2222 will be in to finish off the trim and a few other tasks to complete the suite’s renovation. After that Dennison Homes will come in and install the Murphy Bed that will be used by family members spending the night with their loved one. Both the generous and kind members from UBC Local 2222 and Steve Dennison from Dennison Homes have provided materials and labour at no cost to the hospice. They wanted to make sure as much money as possible is available for resident and family care. They are our Hospice Heroes! After that work is all done we can put in the finishing touches and we hope to be open in March. Stay tuned for more information about our virtual opening. A very big thank you to everyone who has contributed to Huron Shores Hospice over the past three years to make this expansion a reality. We simply could not do what we do without your support!

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