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Things Everyone Should Know

Planning for your end-of-life can be a bit overwhelming. There is a lot to consider and it just never feels like the right time to tackle it. We all know our life will eventually end, yet thinking about it can make you feel uncomfortable and it is often difficult to talk about with family.


Thinking about your end-of-life, making arrangements and talking about your wishes can ease your discomfort. Having your affairs in order before a health crisis happens makes things easier for you and your family.


You will find comfort in knowing that you have clearly expressed your wishes and your family will know exactly how to support you when the time comes. Your family will be relieved, knowing they have all the information they need to honour your wishes.


Exploring the reality of death provides the opportunity to discover who and what are truly important to you, setting the stage for your life. It can inspire you to live and love fully.

How do I get my ducks in a row?

  • Bedding Supplies:
    • Quilt & Pillow Sham (XL Twin) • Pillows • Nightgowns – men’s and women’s adapted in various sizes (Geri fashions) • Twin XL quilts • Twin WL sheets (grey or brown)
  • Furniture Supplies:
    • Wall Clock • Small round wood (dark stain) table • Wall mount document holders
  • Kitchen Supplies:
    • Glassware - 6 tall glass set x2 • Set of Cutlery - J.A. Henkel Classic Collection 'Rapture' x2 • Long Flexible Straws • Keurig pod holder • Colourful, small paper napkins
  • Food Supplies:
    • Juice Tetra Packs • Bottled Water • Ginger Ale (cans) • Keurig K-Cups (coffee, tea, apple cider and hot chocolate) • Individually wrapped snacks, such as granola bars, crackers, cakes, cookies or chocolate/candy • Boost or Ensure (variety of flavours)
  • Storage and Cleaning Supplies:
    • Plastic Hangers • Small Garbage Cans with lid x2 • Kleenex • Paper Towel • Dish cloths & towels • Dish soap • Hand soap (in a pump)
  • Bathroom Supplies:
    • Bath Mats • Soap dispenser • Lubriderm lotion • Lip balm/chapstick • Combs & brushes • Disposable razors • Shaving cream (personal size) • Moisture mouth spray (Biotene) • Dry shampoo • Lubricating Nasal Gel (Secaris) • Travel soap container • Nail files/nail care kits
  • Relaxation and Entertainment Supplies:
    • Essential Oils • Colouring books & crayons • Wireless Headphones • Puzzle books • Media Player (MP3, Radio, CD player) • Room 217 Musiccare - Music Collection 4 - Boomer Tracks Products – Tagged "Box Set" – musiccare by Room 217 • HoMedics Shiatsu Select Foot Massager with Heat
  • Other:
    • Gift cards to MicroAge Basics for office and administrative supplies • Gift cards from Local Businesses for groceries, linens, toiletries, appliances, resident care needs, maintenance and general supplies. • Gift Cards for Netflix • Iron-on Labels with ‘Huron Shores Hospice’ • Paper cutter • Stamps • Sewing Kit

At Huron Shores Hospice we can help get you started with your end-of-life planning. Please consider attending one of our End-of-Life Planning workshops where we will go over all the things you can consider when completing your end-of-life and vigil plans. We will help you think about who and what is important to you and help you prepare for that sometimes difficult decision with family.

Some Helpful Resources

The Ministry of the Attorney General: Powers of Attorney

This booklet contains forms for Continuing Power of Attorney for Property and Power of Attorney for Personal Care. Published by the Government of Ontario.


Ontario Speak Up Campaign: Advance Care Planning, hosted by Hospice Palliative Care Ontario. 

This workbook contains information about having conversations with your family, friends, healthcare providers and especially your Substitute Decision Maker(s) about your future health and personal care wishes at the end of life.


“Planning For Incapacity – What You Need To Know” 

An article explaining the Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care documents. Written by Jane Martin, published by the Alzheimer Society of Ontario.


Power of Attorney for Personal Care information and Continuing Power of Attorney for Property Published by Community Legal Education Ontario.

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