Caring Child


There are many ways you can help! Huron Shores Hospice is the only residential hospice in Bruce County and we strive to make every resident’s stay feel like they are at home among friends and family in their final moments.

Huron Shores Hospice needs your help in providing this home-like atmosphere.

These are a few of the items that would help us at this time:

Bedding Supplies:

• Nightgowns – men’s and women’s adapted in various sizes (Geri fashions) • Sleep masks

Furniture Supplies:

• Table Lamp (3 way switch preferable) • Child's Table & 2 Chairs • Tower fan • Coasters • TV table • Wall mount document holders

Kitchen Supplies:

• Toaster • Set of Dishes (plates, bowls, mugs) • Glassware • Cutlery Tray • Flexible Straws • Colourful, small paper napkins

Food Supplies:

• Juice Tetra Packs • Bottled Water • Ginger Ale, Pepsi, Coke, 7-Up, Sprite (cans) • Keurig K-Cups (coffee, tea, apple cider and hot chocolate) • Individually wrapped snacks, such as granola bars, crackers, cakes, cookies or chocolate/candy

Storage and Cleaning Supplies:

• Plastic Hangers • Garbage Can • Kleenex • Paper Towel

Bathroom Supplies:

• Hair Dryer • Basket For Guest Toiletries • Towel sets x4 • Biotene mouthwash • Soap dispenser • Aveeno lotion • Lip balm/chapstick • Toothbrush holder • Combs & brushes • Disposable razors • Shaving cream (personal size) • Laundry hamper (plastic) • Moisture mouth spray • Toilet Brush

Relaxation and Entertainment Supplies:

• Essential Oils
• Colouring books & crayons
• Wireless Headphones
• Puzzle books


• Gift cards to MicroAge Basics for office and administrative supplies • Gift cards from Local Businesses for groceries, linens, toiletries, appliances, resident care needs, maintenance and general supplies. • Gift Cards for Netflix • Iron-on Labels with ‘Huron Shores Hospice’ • Paper cutter • Stamps • Sewing Kit