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2021 accomplishments

A very big thank you goes out to all our supporters for your kindness, trust and loyalty through this past year. It has been a difficult year again with all the changes regarding COVID-19, but we were able to accomplish great things and much of that success can be attributed to our staff, volunteers, donors, event supporters and sponsors. Thank you!

Because of you we:

Kept our doors open implementing many changes to keep our residents, families, volunteers and staff safe and providing a safe place for family to spend this valuable time with their loved ones;

Opened our Tranquility suite – allowing us to serve double the number of families;

Returned our volunteer team to the hospice suites, which softened the impact on our budget;

Completed our first Strategic Plan providing guidance for the upcoming years;

Moved our Grief Recovery Method sessions on-line to continue to provide this vital service to our community;

Continued to build our trained volunteer team by training new Grief Recovery Method Specialists and End of Life Doulas to better support the community;

Hosted Virtual Wellness and Death Café events;

Met and exceeded our fundraising goals for our events;

Promoted Cathy Herbert from the coordinator role to Executive Director…

just to name a few....

2022 vision

We have big plans for 2022 as well. As we continue to grow we have the need to expand our team. We plan to start the year off with a new part-time Community Engagement Coordinator who will focus on our donors and sponsors and ensure alignment of their goals with our organizational goals. Our new coordinator will also lead our fundraising team bringing new ideas and vision to our annual events and campaigns.

We have been in a constant state of growth since we opened our doors in 2018 and we hope that 2022 will allow us the time to review and improve our community programs and enhance our resident and family experience in the suite.

We are committed to strengthening our communications with our community, sharing our successes and our hardships, as this uncertain time moves into its third year. We hope to make better use of technology to help us be more effective and efficient in our communications with all of our hospice family.

And of course you can count on our unwavering commitment to quality end-of-life care in our community. It truly is an honour and privilege to serve our residents and their families with compassion and dignity.

End of Year Campaign

Our Holiday Campaign, Creating Moments That Matter, is well underway and we are so close to meeting our $50,000 goal for the campaign. Thank you to everyone who has given so generously this holiday season! We are so grateful for your support of our community hospice.

If you would like to join the generous and compassionate people who support our community hospice, we would love if your spirit of generosity included a gift to Huron Shores Hospice this holiday season. We would be very grateful for your support as we plan to create more moments that matter for our residents and their family members in 2022.

Your impact is doubled with the Society of United Professionals’ match of the first $10,000 in donations.

Donations can be sent to Huron Shores Hospice, Box 242, Tiverton, ON N0G 2T0 or go to

Grief Recovery Method Group

Grief Recovery Groups are being held in on-line in January 2022 and in-person in Kincardine and Saugeen Shores starting in February and March, 2022. If you are dealing with grief related to the loss of a family member or friend, Huron Shores Hospice offers an 8-session educational program that provides a safe environment for you to look at your beliefs about dealing with loss, and provide actions that will lead you to complete unresolved emotions that may still be causing you pain. Our trained and certified grief recovery specialists® will facilitate your journey with compassion, confidentiality, and dignity.

Please contact Cathy at 519-385-5683 or by email at if you would like to learn more about the group.

Please note that in-person sessions scheduled for February and March may move to an on-line format if gathering restrictions are in place.

Catch the Ace is Going Strong!

Tickets are available for the electronic Catch the Ace lottery from Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. until the next Tuesday at 4:45 p.m. The draw is made on Tuesday’s between 4:45 and 5:00 p.m. with the winner announced on Facebook at 6:00 p.m.

When you buy tickets, you will also pick an envelope that might contain the Ace of Spades. If your ticket number comes up, you will win 20% of that week’s ticket sales. If your card in the envelope is the Ace of Spades, you will win the Catch the Ace Progressive Jackpot. The weekly draws continue until someone catches the Ace of Spades!

The progressive jackpot grows with every ticket purchase and is now sitting at over $1,700!

Purchase your tickets at Please ensure you turn on your location services to buy a ticket. Instructions to do so are in the FAQ section on the website.

Catch the Ace is a fun way to support our cause! Why not join in on the Catch the Ace fun each Tuesday!

We look forward to your awesome support!

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