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Congratulations on 4 Years - A Message from our Founder and Co-Chair

Updated: May 2, 2022

Today marks the day that Huron Shores Hospice opened the door to our first suite and also the day we opened our hearts to our very first resident. Seventy residents have now resided at Huron Shores Hospice and if you multiply that by at least 5 members for each family, we have served over 350 people in our community by providing quality end-of-life care with compassion and dignity.

During these four years, we have welcomed and said goodbye to board members, staff at Tiverton Park Manor and volunteers. We have welcomed a new staff member, Catherine Evans and cheered as Cathy Herbert moved from part-time coordinator, to full-time Executive Director. All of our staff, volunteers and you, our supporters and sponsors, had a big hand in making Huron Shores Hospice successful. Our medical team was expertly and compassionately led by Dr. Gunaratne.

Here are just a few more of our outstanding accomplishments over the past four years:

  • Grief Recovery Method program, with five trained and certified Grief Recovery Specialists, offered free of charge to our community

  • End of Life Doula - free services, with four trained End of Life Doulas

  • Opened our 2nd suite in April of 2021 (yes, in the midst of a pandemic)

  • Maintained and exceeded two years of operation budget for the hospice suites (again in the midst of a pandemic)

  • Received a 100% satisfaction rating from the families we served

  • Put together an end-of-life planning workshop to be delivered when it is safe to gather in groups again

  • Received partial funding from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

It has been four years of rapid growth along with dealing with a global pandemic for the past two years, but the support and dedication from staff, volunteers and supporters never wavered, allowing us to continue providing free, quality end-of-life care in our community. Thank you for the many hours you have collectively given to make Huron Shores Hospice what it is today.

Today is a celebration of four amazing years and so many accomplishments. Please remember to congratulate yourself on this tremendous achievement that we affectionately call ‘our community hospice.’

I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding service and dedication. We simply could not do what we do without each and every one of you.

Thank you,

Cheryl Cottrill (she/her)


Huron Shores Hospice

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