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Lead your own 3rd Party Fundraiser!

If you have interest in supporting Huron Shores Hospice by planning a third party event we can provide you with information and assistance in planning!

Your support helps us work toward our vision of a world where end-of-life receives the same beauty, care, and respect as the beginning, by helping to create moments that matter.

Please reach out to our Coordinator, Cathy Herbert, if you have any questions about hosting a third party event:

Jana-Leigh Ibbitson, Huron Shores Hospice Coordinator


Phone: 519-385-5684

What is a Third Party Fundraiser?

A Third Party Fundraiser is an event planned and hosted by someone other than the organization or charity the money is being raised for. An individual or business may create a fundraising campaign to benefit a particular non-profit. 

Huron Shores Hospice benefits from third party events by:

  • Raising awareness of the work we do

  • Interacting with the community

  • Receiving financial support from event net revenues for programs and the operation of our residential hospice suites

Examples of Third Party Fundraising

If you’re in need of some inspiration for your fundraising event, please check out the list of ideas below:

  1. Garage/Yard sale

  2. Golf tournament 

  3. Fitness challenge 

  4. Birthday celebrations – see Facebook Birthday fundraising instructions below* 

  5. Book Sale

  6. Dress Down/Casual Day – a business or school may take donations and those who donate can dress casually all day

  7. Hot Dog stand / Lemonade stand 

  8. Bingo Night

  9. Candy sales

  10. ‘A-thons’ (e.g. dance-a-thon, walk-a-thon, swim-a-thon, etc.) 

  11. Auction

  12. Bake sale 

  13. BBQ / cook-off 

  14. Bowling night 

  15. Car wash 

  16. Carnival 

  17. Comedy night 

  18. Craft sale 

  19. Dinner or gala 

  20. Theme Party or Dinner

  21. Fashion show 

  22. Game night 

  23. Gift wrapping (especially during the holidays) 

  24. Karaoke night 

  25. Movie night 

  26. Pancake breakfast

  27. Poker tournament 

  28. Quiz night 

  29. Seasonal fundraising (e.g. Easter egg hunt, Christmas decorating contest, etc.) 

  30. Sporting event 

  31. Wedding 

*Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook

To create a birthday fundraiser, follow the steps on our Fundraisers page.

Keep in mind that you'll be asked to provide the following information when creating a birthday fundraiser:

  • The nonprofit you want to raise money for.

  • The amount of money you want to raise.

  • The date you want your fundraiser to end.

  • A title and description for your fundraiser.


Note: This feature is only available in some areas. Only nonprofits that have been approved for fundraisers on Facebook can be selected to receive donations for these fundraisers.


PLEASE NOTE: Should your event be serving alcoholic beverages, please ensure that safe drinking is practiced and proper licensing of the event takes place. A safe event will be an enjoyable event! Remember to collect all pledge forms and donations and submit them to Huron Shores Hospice no later than 30 days after you have hosted your event!

Planning Your Event Form

Tell us About Yourself

Tell us About Your Event

Thanks for submitting!

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